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PCmover is the only software recommended by Microsoft for all your migration needs. PCmover Business provides businesses with the best solution for automatically deploying new PCs, upgrading existing PCs, and replacing PCs via routine maintenance and break/fix scenarios.

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PCmover Business provides organizations more advanced migration options to greatly reduce the time to deploy PCs, and dramatically lower the cost of PC refresh projects. The ability to automatically transfer everything desired from one PC to another not only saves hours of IT labor, but also increases end-user satisfaction. The results of using PCmover (over other options) are less post-migration help-desk calls, and increased efficiency and productivity - ultimately leading to an improved bottom line.

Microsoft & Intel Recommended

Decrease IT Effort

Reduces deployment time for PC migrations by up to 4 hours per PC.

Reduce Overhead

Post-migration support tickets are reduced because everything on the new PC is where the user expects it to be.

Advanced Deployment

Advanced deployment features include running from a memory stick, attached drive, or server share.

Flexible Licensing

Flexible licensing options to purchase what you need, when you need it.

PCmover Business - Licensing Options

Standard License

Ideal for organizations that know how many licenses they’ll be using, and prefer to have all costs up-front in a single purchase.

This one-time purchase provides a single serial number, valid for up to 25 uses.

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Technician License

Designed for SMBs, MSPs, System Integrators, and other IT service professionals who regularly deploy PCs, but want a more versatile purchase option.

The “pay-per-use” structure provides the flexibility of only being invoiced for what is used - when it’s used.

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MSPs, System Integrators, and IT Service Professionals can apply to become a Laplink partner. All approved partners receive the following:

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• 24/7 Support for the only migration solution recommended by Microsoft & Intel

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+ Years of Experience

With our roots starting way back in the days of MS DOS, we have seen every PC transfer scenario imaginable. From small issues to large IT nightmares, PCmover can help!

What everyone's saying about PCmover

"How much is your time worth? A painstaking migration done manually can take a couple of days, & you can still miss stuff. A PCmover migration takes hours, and doesn't miss anything."

- PCMag

"After migrating almost 100,000 PCs in 100+ global locations, we could not have asked for a better product than PCmover."

- Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company

"We completed 3,157 PCs in 11 weeks. PCmover was used in all the refreshes and performed very well."

- Manufacturer, 500,000 Employees

"PCmover Enterprise is saving about 40% of our time versus doing migrations manually."

- Brokerage Firm, 3,700 Employees